Self Rescues Car in Kansas Snowstorm?

In Bill Self’s mind, a 10-year, $52 million contract is no excuse not to be a Good Samaritan.

According to a Facebook post by Lawrence, KS, resident Brad Harrell on Thursday, Self was driving by and saw Harrell and his friends struggling to move a car out of a parking lot amid a snowstorm. Self got out of his car, told Harrell and his friends, “Looks like you boys need a man with some muscle” and helped push their car out of trouble.

In the past year, Self has homered during the celebrity All-Star softball game, rocked a Saturday Night Fever-esque suit with great flare and unintentionally shown off some fly dance moves.

And now this story of heroism with a boss quote like that? Someone please start a “Bill Self Random Fact Generator” website pronto.



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