Bill Clinton Calls Out Arkansas O-Line


You’d think that it’s in the trenches where Hogs would feel most at home. But according to Arkansas mega-fan and former President Bill Clinton, that’s where the Razorbacks football team is being most exposed.

“They’ve got a great quarterback and three receivers and nobody else is playing really well,” he said during a Tuesday interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “They have two great, really good, running backs and they are not doing so great this year. So, it looks like, to me, like a line problem.”

Many Razorback fans would beg to differ about the cause of the team’s problems.

But if John L. Smith and the football staff gets on the phone to Clinton’s office right now, maybe they can have the former Commander-in-Chief give the O-line a pep talk before they enter Kyle Field against Texas A&M on Saturday.


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