Big East 3D Court ‘Signs’ Confuse Fans

A few television viewers of the Big East Conference tournament this week have had to adjust their eyes upon first seeing the “signs” painted on either end of the floor at Madison Square Garden.

They read “Big East,” as one would expect, but what has fans doing a double take is the 3D effect of how it’s painted. The first reaction of many, in fact, is to assume that it’s either real or a superimposed graphic courtesy of ESPN.

The clever paint job has long been a tactic implemented on soccer fields; while the advertising doesn’t pop in person, it’s as clear as day to the TV viewers at home. Recently, the Toronto Raptors became the first basketball team in North America to use a 3D application to its floor graphics.

Considering how TV-centric sports has become, expect this to pop up at more U.S. sporting venues.


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