Big Crowd at Last Toomer’s Oaks Rolling


For one last glorious afternoon, Toomer’s Corner in downtown Auburn was what it has always been: A place filled with revelry and festooned with toilet paper.

Following an Auburn spring game that was watched by a record crowd of 83,401, Tigers fans made their way to the oaks at Toomer’s Corner — which crazed Alabama fan Harvey Updyke recently plead guilty to poisoning — and rolled them one last time.

“There’s more to Auburn than two oak trees, revered and sturdy as they are,” said former AU athletic director David Housel of the trees, which will be cut down on Tuesday. “These oak trees are but an outward visible symbol of the Auburn heart. This is a day of celebration and remembrance.”

One that, based on the heartwarming scene of the massive crowd gathered, went exactly as expected.

[Image CPR]

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