BCS Title Game Shirt: Catholics-v-Cousins

You didn’t think that arguably the most-hyped national championship game of the BCS era would be played without the production of cheeky t-shirts, did you?

On Monday, former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen tweeted a photo of a t-shirt he received “previewing” the Irish’s Jan. 7 mega-matchup with Alabama, with the slogan “Catholics vs. Cousins.” The Irish’s Leprechaun strikes the Heisman pose on the left side, while a rendering of a stereotypical yokel clutching a jug of Moonshine is on the right.

We think it’s pretty funny and a nice nod to the famous “Catholics vs. Convicts” shirts printed in advance of the 1988 Notre Dame-Miami game. Alas, enough people responded unfavorably to Clausen’s tweet that he felt compelled to remove it from his feed.

Which isn’t to say that Clausen regretted posting it.


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