BC Busts Soccer Star for Sandusky Tweets

In advance of a second round NCAA tournament game against Penn State, Boston College women’s soccer player Stephanie McCaffrey took the pregame trash talk a little too far.

After firing off several offensive tweets on Thursday about the Jerry Sandusky scandal, McCaffrey — a sophomore forward who is second on the team with nine goals scored — has been suspended by the team for its Friday night game in State College.

Among the tweets McCaffrey posted from her since-deleted Twitter handle:

  • “I wonder if well get into the visitors locker room at Penn State…”
  • “Raping at penn state to getting raped in state penn… #beatPennState #santouchsky #legggooeags”
  • “Sandusky used to cart the kids around in this #handydeliverytrucks”

McCaffrey’s tweets were shared by Boston College safety Sean Sylvia, whose Twitter account has also been shut down.

And with that, New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert has been temporarily replaced as the most infamous women’s college soccer player in America.

[USA Today]

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