Baylor’s Seastrunk Scores on One Leg

Baylor sophomore RB Lache Seastrunk is fast. As in “I only need one working leg to score on a breakaway TD run” fast.

During the third quarter of the Bears’ 41–34 win over Oklahoma State on Saturday, Seastrunk gashed the Pokes for a 76-yard scoring run. It was all the more impressive considering that he ran the final 45 yards after pulling his left hamstring.

Impressive both from a speed perspective — he had accelerated away from Oklahoma State defenders so much that he could allow them to catch up and still score — and a toughness one. It would have been easy (and understandable) for Seastrunk to succumb to the pain and fall to the ground before reaching the end zone.

Video game Greg Jennings would have been proud of how Seastrunk “put the team on his back.”

[Off the Bench]

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