Baylor Unveils Insane New BB Uniforms


We didn’t think we could see anything crazier than Maryland’s state flag football uniforms and Oregon’s “liquid metal” look at the Rose Bowl.

Boy, were we wrong.

On Tuesday, Baylor unveiled new uniforms courtesy of adidas that will be worn for the Big 12 tournament and NCAA tournament which should come with sunglasses to view them. Check the photos below of the neon yellow uniforms and accompanying black camouflage threads that both look like they belong in a post-apocalyptic film about college basketball.

The shorts also have a pattern that resembles tiger stripes, which would be fine if these were for Auburn instead of Baylor.

The reaction on Twitter has generally been less than positive, including:

@lukemcconnell1: “These new Baylor uniforms are among the ugliest I’ve ever seen in my life.”

@MKSmith2: “I’m all for flashy and cool new uniforms…but Baylor’s postseason uniforms make my eyes cry.”

@ESPN_JCupo: “#Baylor basketball uniforms or the new jetway apparel at your local airport??

On the plus side, these uniforms are reportedly 20% lighter than the previous threads and have a “ClimaCool zone” that reduces sweat. That’s good to know because if we had to wear these out in public, we would be sweating bullets.


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