Baylor Reveals Gold, Matte Black Helmets

We are less than two weeks removed from the conclusion of the 2012 college football season, yet Baylor has already revealed new looks for 2013.

Knowing that it has to keep up with the Oregons of the world in the Post-Robert Griffin III and Nick Florence Era, Art Briles’ bunch will wear both all-gold chrome and matte black helmets next season.

Unlike the team’s normal gold helmet, the stripe going down the old helmet is gone, and the color of the facemask is gold like the rest of the helmet. In addition, the green interlocking “BU” is now solid black and the lid is chrome.

Baylor’s other new helmet makes it the latest school to go black and matte. The “BU” decal is green and is bordered in yellow.

The all-gold helmet is a little excessive, but it’s definitely unique and will get both current Baylor players and recruits buzzing. We really like the matte black lid, as the green and yellow of the “BU” really pops. They are the Bears; hear them roar.

All-Gold Helmet Grade: A-

Matte Black Helmet Grade: A

[Black Sports Online | Larry Brown Sports]



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