Baylor Puts Wrong Score on Bowl Rings


The Baylor football team has received its rings for the Bears’ Holiday Bowl victory - with one glaring mistake on them.

But unlike the Florida State ACC title ring that accidentally called the Seminoles “SEC Champions,” Baylor intentionally botched the score of their win over UCLA last December on the jewelry.


Baylor won the game, 49-26, but the score would have been 49-19 if it weren’t for a terrible call on the last play of the game that awarded the Bruins a touchdown despite the fact WR Logan Sweet was clearly tackled at the one-yard line. As a result, the ring reads “49-19” instead of the actual final:

Personally, we love Baylor’s shot at the shoddy officiating and think it’s a stroke of trolling genius by head coach Art Briles. We wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this becomes a fad.

[Football Scoop]


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