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Barack Obama Does UF’s Gator Chomp


President Barack Obama appealed to no fewer than two of Floridians’ biggest sensibilities on a recent stop in the Sunshine State: health care concerns and Florida football.

The Commander in Chief stopped off for a beer at Gator’s Dockside in Orlando on Saturday and performed the Gator Chomp for patrons. Obama’s wife, Michelle, also made the gesture during a campaign stop in Gainesville in October 2008.

Florida is the third swing state in the past month where Obama has appealed to fans’ love of college football. He’s already formed the “I” in a human “O-H-I-O” and saluted Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads for his oratory abilities.

As long as he avoids a faux pas along the lines of John Kerry praising Buckeye football in Michigan in 2004, Obama should keep it up.


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