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Bar Patrons Molested During UGA-‘Bama


If you’re a Georgia fan, Saturday’s loss in the SEC Championship Game to Alabama was a crushing one. But be thankful (we hope) that you weren’t one of the patrons at either El Jinete or Friends Sports Grill in Dacula, GA.

That was where Jana Lawrence, a 46-year-old local woman, allegedly spent the night exposing herself to and molesting customers at both establishments while they were watching the game.

This is a list of the things that Lawrence — who told police she had recently been released from prison — allegedly did at each location:

  • Yelling and using profanities (El Jinete)
  • Exposing her breasts to other customers (El Jinete)
  • Licking one of the female customers as well as “rubbing” on her (El Jinete)
  • Sitting at the bar with her butt exposed (Friends)
  • Licking a customer’s arm tattoo and playfully rubbing his penis (Friends)

The mugshot below really says it all.


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