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‘Bama Song: ‘Saban Went Down to Texas’


Alabama fans Ken Cobb and Christopher Scott provided us with perhaps the best college football-themed parody of a well-known song we’ve heard yet.

On Wednesday, the duo posted “Saban Went Down to Texas” — a parody of the classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band — to YouTube. “Genius” is the only word that comes to mind when listening to the way they modified the lyrics so as to describe the dual between Alabama’s head coach and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

The most enjoyment we got out of this was from the fact that a) Nick Saban was cast as “The Devil” in this parody; b) His duel was against a guy named Johnny — just like in the original version of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

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