Balkman Chokes Teammate in Philippines


Former South Carolina forward Renaldo Balkman could soon be a former member of the Philippines’ Petron Blaze Boosters after choking one of his teammates at the end of a game on Friday.

Balkman was initially upset at officials for not calling a foul toward the end of the game. When teammate Arwind Santos tried to intervene, he and Balkman got into a shoving match, which ended with Balkman putting his hands around Santos’ neck. (Fast-forward to the 52-second mark of the video below for the “payoff.”)

That came after Balkman already got physical a ref, one of his own assistant coachs and another teammate.

In six games with the Boosters, Balkman — who spent seven seasons in the NBA with the Knicks and Nuggets prior to joining the Filipino club — was averaging an impressive 28.2 PPG. All of which might have been undone by one of the uglier on-court incidents we’ve seen in a while. Renaldo Balkman profile

[Sporting News]

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