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Wisconsin’s Evans Unveils Jump Shot FT


Amid an otherwise strong senior season, Wisconsin forward Ryan Evans has struggled miserably at the free throw line. Entering Tuesday’s game against Nebraska, he was a paltry 40.5% (51-of-126) from the charity stripe, a 31.1% decrease from last season.

All of which forced Evans to adopt a jump shot free throw normally reserved for grade schoolers who don’t yet have the strength to shoot at the charity stripe from a stationary position.

Evans’ technique was to stand 2-3 feet behind the free throw line a la Nick Van Exel. After a few dribbles, he then launched the shot like any other jumper he would shoot. Evans was seen practicing the shot before Tuesday’s game and used the unorthodox strategy once it started.

Fans can expect to see this again. Evans went 2-2 from the line in the Badgers’ 77–46 victory.

[Bucky’s 5th Quarter]

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