Baby Dressed as Holgorsen for Halloween


In previous Halloweens, children dressed up as Kansas State’s Bill Snyder, Tennessee’s Derek Dooley and former Kansas coach Mark Mangino demonstrated how popular (and easy) it was for toddlers and younger to go the coaching costume route.

All those previous entrants might have been supplanted by baby Dana Holgorsen.

A picture of the boy shows him wearing a black West Virginia polo shirt (Holgo’s favorite color), a headset and a piece of paper representing a play sheet.

What really makes this costume wasn’t even modified for the costume: It’s the boy’s hair. His bald-on-top, long-in-the-back style of wearing it looks almost exactly like the West Virginia head man’s haircut.

If rival fans are looking to make a clever poster for a future game making fun of Holgorsen, look no further for your inspiration.


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