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Auburn’s Terrible Towel Called “Chiz Rag”


As far as overly bro-ish accoutrements for college sporting events go, this is right up there.

An Auburn-specific version of the Terrible Towel has been making the rounds on the Internet over the last few days. It’s called the “Chiz Rag.” And if there’s any doubt as to which SEC school it belongs to, written above that is “Property of the ‘Burn.”

For starters, just say Auburn. It’s only six letters long, and shortening it with an apostrophe is both trite and obnoxious.

And then we have the name of the thing, “Chiz Rag.” We get that it’s meant to salute Tigers head coach Gene Chizik, but the people behind this might have wanted to do a focus group before releasing what sounds like a very naughty promotional tool.

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