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Auburn Getting Chrome Football Helmet?


[Update: According to, the helmet belongs to Auburn recruit Jahmere Irvin, who was given the helmet by legendary quarterback coach Steve Clarkson after attending a camp. Judging by all the buzz this picture has created, Auburn might want to consider using these.]

The summer of new college football helmets and uniforms has gotten another jolt as a picture of an Auburn chrome lid that seems to have been inspired from Oregon’s “liquid metal” look from last January’s Rose Bowl is now making the rounds on the internet.

Posted on Reddit and popping up on message boards, the chrome helmet looks like something out of a sci-fi film with a background that looks like a mirror and an orange chrome facemask to go along with the traditional interlocking “AU” logo.

Of course, there’s no guarantee we will ever see these in a game. A photo surfaced several years ago of a blue Auburn football helmet that never ended up seeing the light of day.

Then again, Auburn is outfitted by Under Armour, which is also responsible for this.

Either way, it’s certainly grabbed the attention of the internet and would undoubtedly be a huge hit with the players.

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