Auburn FB Hired Firm to Enforce Curfew


If being 2–7 isn’t bad enough, Auburn’s players have also had to deal with a nightly, pre-midnight bedtime for the duration of the season.

The Tigers program hired a private security firm, Event Operations Group, in August to enforce an 11 PM curfew for players throughout the week.

“We always do what’s in the best interest of our team,” coach Gene Chizik said on Wednesday night. “We have a curfew check and we have to employ people to help us with some of the kids off campus. Other than that I’m not going into any details of any of that.”

In light of the legal troubles that the Auburn program dealt with in the offseason, you can see why they opted for such a drastic measure.

Nonetheless, the absurdity of trying to enforce non-gameday curfews only makes us revisit the argument that the Tigers could be headed for irrelevance - especially considering that the curfews haven’t done anything to bolster Auburn’s performance on the field.

[The Big Lead]

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