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AU Fan Shares Booze-Sneaking Method


SEC football fans take everything about their game day experiences seriously — including (especially?) the imbibing aspect of it. One Auburn fan shared with the Reddit community his incredible devotion to making sure he’s never thirsty inside Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Not that much is needed in the way of materials in order to make this happen. But technique and patience certainly are.

Step One: Make sure you have a food vacuum sealer and food vacuum bags.


Step Two: “Cut the vacuum bag about a quarter inch larger than you want it on all sides.”

Step Three: “Seal three sides of the bag only using the heating element part” of the food vacuum sealer (copper part in pictures below) and not the vacuum part of the machine (black part in pictures below).

Step Four: Fill the bag creation approximately 2/3 of the way with your booze of choice (our friend apparently has a penchant for Bulleit Bourbon).

Step Five: Seal the package shut (again with just the heating element part of the vacuum sealer). The end result is something you can put “behind your wallet, in your shoe, socks, hat, pants. Get creative and make a belt behind a belt.”

Step Six: Cut open at the game, pour into your stadium beverage and enjoy.

Never change, SEC fans.


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