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Arkansas St. Posts Cheesy Promo Video


Excitement for Arkansas State football is at a fever pitch. One year after Hugh Freeze led the Red Wolves to a 10–2 record, former Arkansas and Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has ASU at 8–3 in his first season in Jonesboro heading into a Saturday game with Middle Tennessee State that will decide the Sun Belt Conference champion.

The school created a “Back in Black” promotion for the game. Which is all well and good. Except for the promotional video created in conjunction with it.

It appears to feature a series of Arkansas State administrators (athletics and otherwise) as well as residents of Jonesboro expressing their excitement for Saturday’s game. It is uber-cheesy, with the video’s participants either singing or bobbing their heads along to ACDC’s “Back in Black.” (The air guitar solo of a doctor’s office skeleton at the 39-second mark is particularly noteworthy.)

As of 11:30 AM ET on Friday, the video has a 23-to-9, like-to-dislike ratio on YouTube. Most viewers’ sentiments can best be summed up by this comment: “You’d think that a school with an innovative coach like Malzahn would be able to produce a more innovative video. Hopefully the Red Wolves will learn.”

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