Arenas Arrested in LA for Illegal Fireworks


We don’t often find ourselves quoting TMZ, but they’re spot on when they say that Gilbert Arenas “has trouble with things that go boom.”

The former Arizona standout and three-time NBA All-Star — most recently a member of China’s Shanghai Sharks, for whom he averaged 20.7 PPG in 14 games this past season — was arrested early Thursday morning in Los Angeles for speeding, driving without a license and possession of illegal fireworks.

This comes roughly three-and-a-half years after he was suspended for most of the 2009–2010 NBA season for a gun incident in the Washington Wizards’ locker room.

TMZ says that their camera guy counted at least 20 boxes of illegal fireworks being unloaded from Arenas’ Ford pickup truck. Moral of the story: Agent Zero is the last guy you want coordinating a 4th of July celebration. Gilbert Arenas profile


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