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Crean Has Another Blow-By Handshake


Indiana head coach Tom Crean was no doubt upset after his second-ranked Indiana team, which leads the nation in scoring (85.4 PPG), was held to just 59 in an upset loss to Wisconsin on Tuesday - the 11th-straight loss to the Badgers.

In hurriedly shaking the hand of Badgers counterpart Bo Ryan after the loss, the Hoosiers coach may have perpetuated an unwanted reputation that dates back to February 2010.

After a 69–52 loss to Ohio State nearly three years ago, Crean had a similarly hurried handshake with Thad Matta. Crean followed that up with bizarre comments made on his radio show last January that many Ohio State fans felt were directed at the Buckeyes coaching staff.

“I think when you get to the game and you get out there early at Indiana, you don’t see our (assistants) hob-nobbing with national media members and sitting on the sideline and relaxing,” Crean said. “I don’t have a group of guys that are grandstanders, that are looking to get an article done about them. I’ve got a group of guys that are really, really hungry to make the team better.”

Following Tuesday’s loss to Wisconsin, his thoughts about the Badgers were similarly non-complimentary.

“They made some shots, especially at (end of) the shot clock that reminded me of the Michael Jordan-Larry Bird McDonald’s (commercial) horse game,” Crean said. “Some of those shots that they made ... I’d like to see them take those shots again.”

Both videos are below, with the most recent handshake first. If Indiana has title aspirations, the last thing it needs is for its coach to have a reputation as a sore loser.

[Insight from Matt McCoy]

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