Another Arkansas Fan Video Goes Viral


Perhaps without knowing it, Arkansas superfan and viral video star Liz McDaniel has seemingly spawned an entire Pig Sooie Nation’s worth of YouTube karaoke singers.

Exhibit A is a fellow Razorbacks fan named Wesley Wells. Back in December, shortly after Arkansas hired Bret Bielema to be its new head football coach, Wells welcomed Bielema to Fayetteville with his twist on the Monkees classic “I’m a Believer” — only he changers the title (and lyrics) to “I’m a Bielemer” (rim shot). The video is now making the rounds on the internet as Bielema is just over one month from his first game as the Hogs’ head coach.

It’s worth noting that McDaniel also took inspiration from the Monkees to celebrate Bielema’s hiring in a video posted to YouTube three days before Wells did. But she certainly won’t mind having company.

[Kegs ‘N Eggs Blog]

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