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Manziel Reads the Top Ten on Lettermen


Winning the Heisman Trophy paves the way for introducing one’s self to an audience beyond college football fans. On Monday night, Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel found himself with such an opportunity, reading the nightly Top Ten on the “Late Show with David Lettermen.”

Unsurprisingly, the list was the “Top Ten Perks of Winning the Heisman Trophy.” No. 1 on the list was “My passport photo looks like this,” with Manziel flashing the Heisman pose. The funniest perk on the list, in our opinion, was No. 5: “I’ll probably be the only Heisman winner at my high school reunion.”

Manziel later brought the trophy out onto the set for Lettermen to hold and also earned compliments from another of the show’s guests. “How cute was he?” actress Anne Hathaway said. “Johnny Football is a star. He’s amazing.”

Throw in a model girlfriend and life is good if you’re Johnny Manziel right now.


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