Sloppy A&M Girls Crash Live TV Segment

Why have a traditional sports reporter preview a bowl game when two attractive coeds with “liquid courage” can do the same and be so much more entertaining?

Such was the case on Dallas’ KTXA before Friday’s Cotton Bowl. A reporter outside Cowboy Stadium in Arlington was doing a segment on Texas A&M’s successful season and chances vs. Oklahoma when two possibly intoxicated female A&M fans decided to crash his segment.

“Johnny Football!” they screamed with delight, clearly drawn to the TV camera like moths to a flame. Give the reporter credit for doing his planned stump speech while simultaneously letting his two new friends express their admiration for the Aggies.

Unlike his colleague back in the KTXA studio, he maintained a straight face. She could not stop laughing at the unplanned turn the segment took.

The end result is unintentional comedy gold that has received just under 200,000 YouTube views as of 11:00 AM ET on Sunday since being posted on Friday.

[Kegs ‘n Eggs Blog]

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