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Allen Iverson Appears in Swizz Beatz Vid


We hope Swizz Beatz is paying Allen Iverson a hefty salary to appear in his latest video for the song “Street Knock.”

Check the video below to see Iverson, who is dribbling a basketball in the video while standing next to the rapping Swizz Beatz. He first appears at the 46-second mark.

The former Georgetown and NBA star did not pay up on his $375,000 bill with Aydin & Company Jewelers, according to TMZ in February, which cited court papers . The company reportedly sued Iverson for the money in 2010 – and now gets to garnish wages directly from his bank account.

It’s clear that Iverson needs a job. We just didn’t think a four-time scoring champion and former NBA MVP would be what amounts to a background dancer. Allen Iverson profile

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