Alex Ovechkin’s NCAA Bracket Hits Web


We understand that Washington Capitals star hockey player Alexander Ovechkin grew up without the NCAA tournament in Russia but the two-time NHL MVP needs to work on his bracketology a little bit if he wants to fully embrace March Madness.

Check out his bracket for the 2012 tournament below, courtesy of the D.C. Sports Bog. Like a five-year old, Ovechkin simply circled the teams he wanted to win and drew lines all over his paper to show how far they would advance. You’ll notice that some games don’t even appear to have predictions, which will certainly hurt Ovechkin in his office pool. He is apparently so impressed with Georgetown he doesn’t think anyone will bother even showing up to play them in the third round or Sweet Sixteen.

Ovechkin also appears to be all-in on the nearby Norfolk State, a No. 15 seed he has not only beating No. 2 Missouri but advancing to the Elite Eight with Kentucky, Duke, St. Louis, Syracuse, West Virginia, Alabama and Georgetown. Ovechkin likes Kentucky cutting down the nets over Alabama in New Orleans.

Let’s just hope this wasn’t a high-stakes pool Ovechkin entered.

[DC Sports Bog]


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