Alabama’s $9.1M Weight Room Is Insane


It’s hard enough recruiting against Alabama head coach Nick Saban after the Crimson Tide has won three of the last four BCS national titles.

Now opposing head coaches have to compete against this: Alabama’s brand-new weight room estimated at $9.1 million that will even make NFL franchises envious. According to a story last August, the facility is 34,000 square feet and includes a juice room, a nutrition bar and a medical office suite.

And judging by the photo below of the two-story facility tweeted by linebacker Matt Tinney, no Crimson Tide football player - or any other Alabama athlete, since the facility is for all sports - should ever have to wait in line to lift weights again.

Talk about impeccable timing. College football’s National Signing Day is on Wednesday, meaning there’s still time for uncommitted recruits to pick the Tide and others to flip to Alabama.

James Franklin, you’ve been warned.

[SB Nation]

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