Tide Fan TD Reaction Videos Hit the Web


Crimson Tide Nation stretches far and wide. So when T.J. Yeldon’s dramatic last-minute touchdown gave Alabama a 21–17 victory at LSU on Saturday, videos of assorted ‘Bama fans reacting to the score were sure to follow.

The following are our four favorites.

#1: The Nervous Group

Everyone watching in this video is in ready position, almost like a back judge watching over a play. When Yeldon makes his catch, they’re first excited that he picked up the first down. Then they’re positively ecstatic when he takes it to the house.

#2: The Bieber-Like Screams

In one household, the men sat back and watched serenely while the fairer sex did all the whooping and hollering. The end result are collective screams normally reserved for Justin Bieber - as is the video description: “Women here simply cannot control themselves.”

#3: The Lone (and Foul-Mouthed) Wolf

No doubt you have at least one sports fan friend who prefers to watch their beloved teams in solitude so as to spare loved ones their unbearable viewing habits. One Kenny Powers-like fan taking in the game likely falls into that camp as he started screaming “F*** you” at the despondent LSU players and flashing the double bird at the TV. [WARNING: Language is obviously NSFW.]

#4: The “Jump for Joy” Guy

Another lone wolf fan, but this one’s much less foul-mouthed than No. 3. Upon Yeldon’s score, he starts jumping for joy and screaming “Woo hoo!” nonstop, briefly disappearing from the room before returning and still “Woo hoo”-ing. The payoff is when he accidentally punches and dislodges a piece of the ceiling. He pauses to make sure the damage isn’t bad before resuming his celebration.

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