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‘Bama Rings Collection on eBay for $50K


If you’re a diehard Alabama fan with $50,000 lying around, today is your lucky day.

An eBay user posted what might be the finest collection of Crimson Tide ring-ware that’s not sitting in a trophy case in Tuscaloosa. The collection features seven total championship rings:

  • 2011 BCS and NCAA rings
  • 2009 SEC, BCS and NCAA rings
  • 2009 Sugar Bowl ring
  • 1999 SEC ring

The item poster says that all the rings belong to former players and also puts out an APB for a 1992 championship ring to complete the set.

As of 1:30 PM ET on Oct. 15, the asking price was $50,000. But it’s not the price tag that baffles us. It’s the fact that the person selling these is based out of Alexandria, LA - dramatically closer to conference rival LSU than it is ‘Bama.


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