Alabama Football: O.J. Howard Swaps Out Snickers for Ice Cream Diet


Alabama tight end O.J. Howard has had to make some changes to his diet to maintain the 240-pound figure he’s attained by hitting the weight room this summer. That meant cutting out his usual late-night Snickers snack.

“It’s kind of hard, but I think it’s eating right and also getting in the weight room,” Howard told Bama Online. “I used to eat about two of them a night, but now I can’t eat them anymore.”

When asked what he now uses to settle his late-night hunger pangs, Howard answered, “Ice cream, to be honest with you ... I had to do something else.”

Even without a calorie counter handy, we’re going to go out on a limb and say ice cream isn’t a healthy alternative to Snicker’s bars.

[Bama Online]

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