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‘Bama Fans Ditch Plane Going to Game


When you have an Alabama game to catch, you don’t have time to worry about superfluous details like, “What should I do about the broken down plane I tried taking to the game?”

A group of fans flying up from Mobile to watch the Tide play Ole Miss on Saturday were forced to make an emergency landing in a Selma cotton field. But rather than stay with their plane for repairs, they immediately hitchhiked to Montgomery and from there rented a car to drive to Tuscaloosa.

So imagine the surprise of the local sheriff’s department, upon its arrival, to discover a Cessna 421 sitting in the field but with no people around.

Even though ditching the plane has resulted in an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, the ‘Bama fans would surely do it all over again to make the Crimson Tide game.

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