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Tide Fan Spends $1,700 on Back Tattoo


$1,700 is enough to cover a few months’ rent in most parts of the U.S. It’s also how much die-hard Alabama fan Zack Smartt supposedly spent to pay tribute to his favorite team with a truly epic back tattoo.

Tattoo artist Mike McMahon of All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta inked Smartt’s back with a gigantic elephant wading through a literal crimson tide. According to Smartt, his new work of body art took 10.5 hours over three separate sessions.

Smartt’s tattoo is ostentatious, to be sure. But we will admit that the art work and detail is very impressive, so kudos to Mike McMahon.

Next step for Smartt: Forming a club of people with large, Tide-themed back tattoos along with fellow Alabama superfan Nathan Davis.

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