Alabama’s Nick Saban Gets JELL-O Mold


Alabama head coach Nick Saban already has a statue outside Bryant-Denny Stadium and a mural of him in a Tuscaloosa bar in the role of David in Michelangelo’s biblical masterpiece, “The Creation of David.”

Apparently that wasn’t enough, as one person has created a JELL-O mold of Saban’s face in advance of Saturday’s game between the No. 1 Crimson Tide and No. 6 Texas A&M in College Station. Not only that, the Twitter user @IAmSpilly - who writes for SB Nation - said the process took him and his friend four months to create the mold. The process included making a 3D model of Saban’s face based on the statue, creating a wood model replica and wrapping it in plastic to create the face mold.

Instead of eating it, why do we get the feeling this JELL-O mold will end up in some Tuscaloosa museum?

[SB Nation: How to make a JELL-O mold of Nick Saban’s face]

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