Alabama Fan Freaks Out on ‘Call of Duty’

There was at least one Alabama fan who wanted it all on Saturday evening. He wanted to see the Crimson Tide escape an upset bid from Texas A&M while simultaneously dominate his friends in the recently released “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

Neither of which worked out. His reaction to the former is a priceless, NSFW work of art.

The action picks up on Eddie Lacy’s second-down carry to the A&M five-yard line with under two minutes left. When AJ McCarron drops back to pass on third down, you can hear the maniacal frustration in the voice of “jamor80” (his Call of Duty login name).

Starting at the 1:45 mark, two things happen in a five-second span: One of jamor80’s opponents gets the game-winning kill, and McCarron throws the fourth-down interception that sealed the game for the Aggies. And jamor80 goes absolutely ballistic. We can’t provide a transcript because every other word he screams is “f***.”

“Special” is the only word we can think of to describe it.

[WARNING: Language is very NSFW. Although the big freak out doesn’t take place until the 1:45 mark, there are a lot of f-bombs before that as well.]

[Kegs ‘n Eggs Blog]

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