Alabama Fan Tells Orange Jumpsuit Lie?

Sometimes the best stories aren’t even true. One Alabama fan’s apparent lie is proof of that.

In a hidden camera video, a Tide fan is standing in a motorcycle shop wearing an “Alabama Roll Tide” t-shirt and talking about the 48 hours he had to spend in jail at the Sumner County (TN) sheriff’s office just outside of Nashville.

He claims that when they gave him an orange jumpsuit and orange flip-flops to wear, he opted to go naked instead because he would never be caught dead wearing the primary color of SEC rival Tennessee.

A great story, with just one hitch: The jumpsuits for the jail at the Sumner County sheriff’s office are apparently black and white, not orange, as uncovered by WAFF-48 Huntsville reporter Nick Lough.

‘Bama fans will do or say anything to prove the strength of their fandom. Roll Lie!

[WARNING: Language in the video below is extremely colorful and NSFW]

[Busted Coverage]

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