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AI: ‘I’m Ready to Play Russian Roulette’


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Language in the video below is NSFW-ish.]

Former Georgetown and NBA star Allen Iverson has had a rough 2013. In February, during his divorce proceedings, he was ripped by an Atlanta judge for being an unfit parent. At around the same time, he reportedly lost his Atlanta mansion to foreclosure.

He is a shell of his former, brash self — as captured on tape during the most recent episode of professional boxer Adrien Broner’s YouTube reality show, “About Billions.”

“I’m ready to play Russian Roulette,” Iverson tells Broner about the potentially suicidal game as the two of them shoot the breeze outside an Atlanta nightclub. “Damn sure ready to play Russian Roulette.”

Rather than casting a pall over the conversation, Broner and his entourage start cracking up instead. Hopefully someone that watches this will do otherwise and try to get AI some help. Allen Iverson profile


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