Texas A&M Gets Home to Hero’s Welcome


For Texas A&M’s players and coaches, it was almost as sweet to return to College Station, TX, on early Sunday morning to a hero’s welcome as it was to take down No. 1 Alabama the day before.

Thousands of Aggies fans lined the streets to greet A&M’s procession of buses. The sheer, unadulterated joy on the faces of the fans and their heroes will bring a smile to your face (unless you’re an Alabama fan), and the video put together by the A&M athletics staff is seemingly straight out of Friday Night Lights (which is a good thing).

As cool as the A&M-produced video is, our favorite vantage point was provided by Aggies LB Jonathan Stewart. He documented the madness flanking him on either side as he and his teammates proceeded to a podium set up just outside Kyle Field.

Gig ‘em.

[@jstew11 | The Big Lead]

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