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Agent Accuses Saban of Paying Players


Success in college football breeds content and skepticism. And one sports agent thinks Nick Saban hasn’t be playing by the rules in leading Alabama to two national titles in the last three years.

Appearing on a Pittsburgh radio show on Thursday, Ralph Cindrich — who played at Pitt in the 1970s and in the NFL — said, “Everybody has something on Nick Saban, for God’s sake. And if he has a problem with anything I say, come on after me, big guy.”

The interview began with Cindrich criticizing the NCAA’s sanctions on Penn State from earlier in the week. Cindrich proceeded to rant against the NCAA and point to Saban as someone who doesn’t follow rules.

Cindrich failed to provide any specifics of what he knew. He implied that Saban makes $7 million a year but only reports $5 million, with the remaining sum going toward paying Alabama players.

These are damning accusations, but without concrete proof they just sound like your typical drive-time sports radio caller.

That being said, it will certainly raise some eyebrows, especially coming just days after former Alabama player John Copeland said the Crimson Tide were recently outbid for recruit Reuben Foster.

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