Adrian Dantley Now MD Crossing Guard

One of the crossing guards working a busy intersection outside Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, MD, is none other than former Notre Dame star and two-time NBA scoring champion Adrian Dantley.

No, Dantley has not fallen on hard financial times, according to an associate who spoke with Deadspin’s Dave McKenna. Rather Dantley — who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 — took the $14,685.50-a-year job because crossing guards in Montgomery County are provided health insurance while NBA veterans are not.

It’s well in line with a reputation for frugality that dates back to Dantley’s NBA playing career.

“Adrian’s cheap. But he’s not going to take free money,” another associate told McKenna. “That’s not Adrian Dantley. No matter what the job is, he’s gonna show up on time, and give other people s*** if they show up late.” Adrian Dantley profile



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