Adidas Unveils Six New Crazy Uniforms


After a season full of bad college basketball uniforms by Adidas, the Three Stripes have taken things to a another level with new postseason uniforms for six teams: Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville.

Similar to what Adidas rolled out before last year’s NCAA tournament, the shorts for each school feature “Zubaz” stripes from the early 1990s that look like they belong on Zebras. The Bears, Bruins and Cardinals also feature controversial short sleeves like the Golden State Warriors recently donned in the NBA.

While we were OK with Adidas’ NCAA tournament uniforms last year, the Zubaz stripes are even louder this year and the neon Baylor uniforms that were cool last year have been ruined with the silly sleeves.

The “best” of this horrible bunch is actually Notre Dame. We actually like the lime green uniforms that harken back to the Digger Phelps experiment from 1991. The worst uniforms? That would have to be UCLA, which looks like it is wearing a football jersey and has ditched one of the best college basketball threads in the process. Overall Grade: D-

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