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The Cat’s Meow: Coach Has Epic Rant


Coastal Carolina coach David Bennett, the reigning Big South Coach of the Year, has entered in the pantheon of great coaching tirades alongside the likes of “Playoffs?!”, “They are who we thought they were!” and “You PLAY to win the game!” after his rant on Wednesday in advance of the FCS Chanticleers’ game Saturday with Division II Catawba College.

Yes, that age-old Coastal Carolina-Catawba College rivalry evokes some pretty intense emotions. To be fair, Catawba is Bennett’s former team, and he’s obviously fired up about facing it.

He used an analogy in which he described the difference between cats and dogs to illustrate that he needs more dawgs on his team. There was also something about an odd screen door that only let you inside, not out.

Anyway, Bennett finished with the following in reference to his team: “We don’t need a bunch of cats in here - meow! - lookin’ in the mirror. ‘I look gooood, I got my extra bands on, I got my other shoes.’ Be a dog! We don’t need no meows, we don’t need no cats. We need more dawgs.”

We’re not going to try to explain what he means, mostly because we don’t know. And Bennett was pretty fired up for a coach whose team won last weekend, 30-23, over Furman.

To paraphrase Billy Madison: We are all now dumber from watching this. We award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

[Dr. Saturday]

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