UFO Sighting at Notre Dame Stadium?


The weirdest thing to happen Saturday in South Bend certainly wasn’t Notre Dame’s 23-20 loss to South Florida. We’ve got used to disappointing setbacks for the Irish.

It wasn’t even the first weather stoppage in stadium history.

It was the apparent presence of extraterrestrial life - at least, according to this UFO conspiracy website - during the time when the game was delayed and the stadium was evacuated thanks to an aggressive thunderstorm with considerable lightning strikes.

The website said that Notre Dame Stadium was evacuated because of UFOs and lightning strikes. We weren’t aware that a college football game was in its first UFO delay. But that’s probably because it wasn’t.

We don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, so to speak, so take a look at the video below and judge for yourselves.

Considering that Irish head coach Brian Kelly looked like a raving lunatic on the sidelines all afternoon, how long until conspiracy theories surface that he was abducted before kickoff?

[Dr. Saturday]

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