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WVU Fans Wear Katrina T-Shirts vs. LSU


West Virginia thought it was cleaning up its act by a student group telling those in Morgantown that they could claim free vouchers for Mountaineers apparel by turning in their “West F*****g Virginia” t-shirts.

But did you really think that WVU fans would turn into choir boys and girls?

They haven’t. Take a look at the photo below of the new shirts that popped up for Saturday night’s 47-21 loss to LSU. The shirts read “Kicking A** Since 1863” on the front with the writing on an outline of the state of West Virginia. On the back, it reads “Relying on FEMA since 2005” inside the state of Louisiana - a reference to Hurricane Katrina and the aid Louisiana received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Frankly, that’s as low a blow as one could possibly deliver on a t-shirt. WVU fans are known for their rowdy, crass and crude behavior, but this one crossed the line to shocking insensitive.

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