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Matt Millen Epically Flubs Question


We bet ESPN feels really good about making Matt Millen exclusively a college football analyst for the upcoming season.

We mean that sarcastically, of course, considering his most recent comments about the quarterback situation at Miami (FL), which has its roster in turmoil thanks to the pending investigation into the program by the NCAA.

Quarterback Jacory Harris is one of the ‘Canes players who is suspended for the season opener. So, Matt Millen, who will be Miami’s starter instead?

“I would expect there to be Jarrett Lee ... that would be my best guess, having not watched them, I want to get down there to watch them in practice, and we have them in the opener… umm… it would be… that’s interesting.  I’m going to try to get down there this week, try to get a handle on the whole thing.”

To clear things up, yes, that’s the same Jarrett Lee who is a senior quarterback at LSU and replacing Jordan Jefferson as the starter because of Jordan’s suspension.

We are going to skip the obligatory Detroit Lions general manager joke here, and just tell you that Lee won’t be starting for the Hurricanes. According to reports, Stephen Morris will be the starter for “The U.”

Click on the link below for the cringe-inducing video.

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