‘Bama License Plate Mocks Tim Tebow

If you needed any more proof that Alabama fans are little off their rockers, well, we have it for you below.

Check out the Crimson Tide-themed license plate complete with “Roll Tide Roll” on top and letters and a number that spell out “TBOCRY,” as in former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow weeping at the conclusion of the 2009 SEC Championship Game vs. Alabama on the Tide’s way to a national title.

This is just piling on for Tebow, who was recently demoted to third string on the Denver Broncos’ depth chart, sparking rumors of a trade or even his release from the team.

The best thing about this license plate is that the ‘O’ looks to be a zero, which we can only hope means that somebody already has the same license plate with the letter instead.

Has anyone seen Harvey Updyke’s car lately?

[Sports Pickle]

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