Muschamp’s Dad Calls Saban SOB


As if more fuel was needed for the Florida-Alabama fire, the extent of the chilly relationship between Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and new Gators head coach Will Muschamp has been revealed.

The Palm Beach Post detailed the deterioration of the relationship between the two. Muschamp was a defensive assistant under Saban both at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins.

But the newspaper said that they had a falling out in Miami, which was due in part to Saban’s “gruff” manner. In fact, Muschamp’s father, Larry, called Saban a “son of a b***h” in comments to the Post.

As an example of Saban’s behavior, the newspaper cited Muschamp’s parents who watched their son’s house in Coral Springs, FL, while he was on vacation with his family during his tenure with the Dolphins. The report said that Saban called the house looking for a document and badgered Sally Muschamp as she was trying to find a fax machine from which to send it.

After calling Saban the aforementioned derogatory term, Larry Muschamp told the newspaper: “I’m surprised (Sally) didn’t say, ‘When it gets there, put it where the sun don’t shine.’ She didn’t. But that’s Saban. He and Will got crosswise in Miami for whatever reason.”

We bet both have Saturday, October 1 circled on their calendars.

[The Palm Beach Post]

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