Dickie V Hangs Up on ‘LeBatard Show’

We all know that Dick Vitale has made his name as an ambassador for college basketball. In fact, Vitale is more like a spokesman for college hoops than an analyst.

Last Thursday, Vitale took his protection of college hoops and its coaches to a new level. The outspoken veteran ESPN analyst went on “The Dan LeBatard Show” to talk about the scandal at Miami (FL).

LeBatard’s co-host Jon Weiner - better known as “Stugotz” - mentioned that he believed cheating was rampant in college sports, even among the legendary coaches, saying:

“Best guess, Dick. Best guess. I know you are friends with him, but best guess. John Calipari has cheated at some point in his life.”

Vitale’s response? “Alright, let’s go to the next point.”

And that’s where the interview went downhill.

Stugotz took things a step further when he said all coaches or program have committed at least one NCAA infraction - at least unknowingly - even Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski and former North Carolina coach Dean Smith.

Apparently, insulting Duke was the last straw for Vitale, who became infuriated and hung up on the show.

Check the click below.

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