SMU Gets Shiny New Locker Room

SMU spent almost $3 million to renovate its locker room and meetings areas and the result is spectacular.

Two SMU alums donated $1.5 million toward the renovation, and various other donors handled the remaining balance.

The new digs are sparkling with little Mustangs logos on each locker and a giant one in lights on the ceiling. There is also a new meeting room with stadium-style seating and improved positional meeting rooms.

Check out all the photos of the new locker room from the below link in the Dallas Morning News.

In light of what has gone on with Miami (FL)‘s booster scandal and SMU’s own past with boosters that led to the “death penalty” in the 1980s, the athletic department might want to triple check the source of every dollar spent on the new digs.

[Dallas Morning News]

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